Saturday, June 8, 2019

A trip to the future while tripping back to the past

Amsterdam has a reputation which unfortunately proceeds it. The media projects Amsterdam as a drug and red light infested haven when in reality this is just a real small touristy part of the city. In and around the Red Light area can be found various coffee shops which offer a hash brownie or other marijuana treats. As noted this is just a small part of Amsterdam, to really enjoy Amsterdam a cruise through its UNESCO world heritage 17th century canals is a must. All while absorbing the rich Dutch renaissance architecture.

Amsterdam is a very free thinking society, it reminds me of the west coast of North America. This is also evident in the many art galleries as the Van Gogh museum, Lifestyle museum and of course their world famous Sexmuseum. Even a trip to the farmers market or through the shopping district one will see many unique and innovative products common to Holland alone.

The cycling paths are amazing and they even have their own sets of traffic lights. After touring through Amsterdam's medieval streets which run alongside the canals you can also chose to cycle out to Zandvoort beach which is one of the largest beach towns in the Netherlands passing through many's a small farmers town along the way with their old windmills and colorful flower markets. Cycling is a great and healthy way to get around and don’t worry about getting lost as English is widely spoken.

Getting There: The Amsterdam international airport named Schiphol is the fourth busiest airport in Europe and thus its serviced by most major international carriers. Schiphol is the home base for KLM, Arkefly, Martinair and Transavia. Amsterdam is also serviced by trains from Paris, Berlin and the ferry ports at the The Hook of Holland.

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